We Understand You Because We Are You

We Understand You Because We Are You

Immigration Representation

Immigration is one of the most controversial, complex issues facing society today. Choosing the right immigration attorney can be a challenge — it is essential to work with a professional team who understands the law and is invested in your story.

Taghavi Immigration Law represents clients stateside and internationally and welcomes clients in-person at both our Richmond and Scottsdale offices.

Meet Your Immigration Advocate

Soulmaz Taghavi, our Founder and Principal Attorney, aggressively represents individuals and families navigating the intricacies of the American immigration system. She is our sole immigration attorney and together with our team, provides compassionate, personalized representation to every client.

Soulmaz exclusively focuses on immigration cases, including family immigration, student and work visas, deportation defense, citizenship/naturalization, appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals, and more.

Citizenship Attorney in Richmond, VA
Legal Staff in Richmond, VA

The TIL Team

Our team is composed of individuals with unique and diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences. All of our staff is either bilingual or multilingual, which enriches our connection and communication with clients.

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What our clients are saying…

“I want to thank Ms. Soulmaz for helping me with my immigration paperwork till the very end, for not leaving me alone and for always being there for me. I feel blessed for finding this attorney. Blessings.”

– Lorena F.

“I am a highly satisfied client! Because of you, I got a green card. You are efficient and have saved a lot of my time in handling my complicated immigration case.

I will always stay with you for all my legal and immigration advice. I am also highly recommending you to all my friends and colleagues for immigration/criminal issues.”

– Norma A.

“Soulmaz was an invaluable help to me in getting my I751 Green Card petition organized. I highly recommend her firm. She was so quick to respond to any questions and was such a nice person to boot. Soulmaz was also able to cut the time it took me to complete the forms, and she saved me countless hours had I tried to do it all by myself. 100% recommend. Thanks!”

– Emmett O.

“Totally recommend Soulmaz. The staff is also very nice más friendly.”

– Paola A.

“Do yourself a favor – if you or a family member is going through the immigration process, get Soulmaz to help. She is the best choice.”

– Terry T.

“Soulmaz is a brilliant lawyer who passionately advocates for her clients.”

– Aida F.

“Soulmaz is the best lawyer you can ever get! I love her and her very hard-working self!”

– Melissa B.

“Taghavi Immigration Law is the best law firm in RVA ! Immigration and criminal cases solved by the best two lawyers I have ever worked along with. They make a great team and their people are amazing, really helpful and very professional. I highly recommend them. They will take care of you as one of them.”

– Susana B.

“Soulmaz represents the best our profession has to offer: zealous advocacy, hardworking, extremely knowledgeable, and well-experienced. I can always count on Soulmaz to get the job done, as can her clients.”

– Amin G.

Offering Potential Clients an Immigration Loan

Taghavi Immigration Law has partnered with BYD Cash, a startup company that provides loans solely for immigrants’ legal fees.

If you go through the process and are approved for a loan, BYD Cash pays the legal and government filing fees in full and will work with you on a payment plan with interest as low as 3% per month, this will also help you with building a credit record in the United States. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. The BYDcash loan application process is simple and typically begins while you are in the initial consultation at our law firm.

So why are you waiting, click on the following link to find out more about the application process!

9.3Soulmaz Taghavi
Soulmaz Taghavi named as an up and coming lawyer in Virginia Lawyers Weekly
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