Did you know that as a business owner, you can sponsor your cousin to come live and work in the United States? Whether you’re aiming to bring your cousin into your family business or helping them seek new opportunities, understanding the steps and requirements involved is crucial.

You cannot bring your cousin on a family based visa because that relationship does not exist however if you’re a business owner you could file an EB3 employment-based petition for them to come to the United States and live and work for you in your business.

But, how big does a business need to be? Attorney Soulmaz Taghavi explains it at the video below:

Sponsoring your cousin for a work visa in the United States involves multiple steps and thorough preparation. By understanding the requirements and following the correct procedures, you can help your cousin achieve their goal of working in the U.S.  Consider seeking guidance from an immigration attorney who can provide personalized advice tailored to your situation. If you have any questions, please schedule a free online evaluation with us, we work in all 50 states and worldwide.

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